Rear Stop, Turn, Blackout Marker Lamp

Die cast construction, shock mounted, waterproof. For use on all types of vehicular equipment. Available in both 12 and 24 Volts, secure or none-secure under the following part Numbers:

Part Number Description
MS 51329-1Y 24V Bulbs/Yellow
8378785 24V Secure/Compound
AC 12215 24V Secure
MS 51330-1 24V Non-Secure
MS 51330-1J 24V Secure
DC12200 24V Secure
DC12211 12V Secure
DC 8901 24V Non-Secure, Leads
DC 8902 24V Secure, Leads
8378786 24V Secure/Compound
MS 53047-1 24V Clear Lens
8376368 24V Clear Lens
MS 53047-1A 24V Amber Lens
AC12337 12V Red Lens