Rear Stop, Turn, Blackout Lamp

Molded from high-impact plastic or die cast shock mounted components, this light is designed for use on all tactical vehicles. They are available in both 12 and 24 Volts under the following Part Numbers:

Part Number Description
MS52125-1 12V Secure Aluminum
MS52125-2 24V Secure Aluminum
11614157-L1 12V Secure Aluminum
11614157-2 24V 15″ Lead Aluminum
11614157-L 24V Secure Aluminum
11614157-H1 12V/24V Non-Secure
11614157-G 24V Secure
DC 12300 24V Secure
DC 12350 12V Secure
12346184-C 24V Secure
12346184 24V Non-Secure, Single Connector
12346184-D 24V Non-Secure, Single Connector
12375837 24V Secure Plastic
12346184-D 12V Non-Secure Plastic