Panel Lamps, Indicators

Panel Lamps, Indicators service and blackout, adjustable and non-adjustable. They are available in both 12 and 24 Volts under the following Part Numbers:

Part Number Description
1030187 Clear Lens/ Red LED / Compound
1030188 Clear Lens Cover W/H/Red LED/Compound
1030189 Clear Lens/ Green LED/Compound
1030446 Red Lens/ Bulb
1030446-NB Less Bulb/ Red Lens
10875132 Red Lens/Bulb
10875132-NB Less LED/Clear Lens
AC12037 Red Lens/LED
AC12038 Red Lens/LED
AC12038 MOD Less LED/Red Lens
1030072 Red Lens/Bulb
1030074 Red Lens/Bulb
1030393 Amber Lens/Bulb/BMY
8729063-1 Amber Lens/LED
8729063-1B Amber Lens/Bulb
8729063-1L Clear lens/LED Amber/Comp.
8729063-1S Amber Lens/LED Amber/FMC
8729063-G Red Lens/Bulb
8729063-G Clear Lens/LED red/ Comp.
8729064-1 Blue Lens/ Bulb
8729064-2 Clear Lens/LED Green/Comp.
8729064-2G Green Lens/ Bulb
8729064 Clear Lens W/Cover /red LED/ Compound
8729064-S Red lens/ Bulb/FMC
8737689 Housing Assy.
10915363-4 Amber Lens/Bulb
10915363-L Clear Lens/LED Amber
12364648-1 Red Lens/LED
12364648-2 Amber Lens/LED
12364648-3 Red Lens/LED
5583884 Housing Assy.
10933573 Housing Assy.
7971111 Bulb/Red Lens
7971111-12 12v. Bulb/Red Lens
7971111-A American Bulb/Red Lens
7971111-MOD Less Led/Red Lens
7971111-1 Diff BRK./Red LED/ Clear Lens
7971111-R Red LED / Clear Lens
7971111-T Red LED / Clear Lens/ Compound
7971111-T-MOD Less LED /Clear Lens
8376499-1 Bulb/Blue Lens Cover W/H
8376499-2 Bulb/Blue Lens Cover W/O
8376499 Bulb/Red Lens Cover W/H
8376499-NB Less Bulb / Re Lens Cover W/H
8376499-4 Bulb/Green Lens
8376499-4R Green LED / Clear Lens
8376499-A American Bulb/ Red Lens Cover W/H
8376499-R Red LED / Clear Lens Cover W/H
8376499-T Red LED / Clear Lens Cover W/H
8376500 Bulb/Red Lens Cover W/O
8376500-T Bulb/Blue Green Lens/Compound
8376500-T-NB Less Bulb/ Blue Green Lens
11672381 Bulb /Amber Lens
11672381-MOD Less LED / Amber Lens
11672381-R Amber LED/ Clear Lens
11672381-T Amber LED / Clear Lens / Compound
11672381-T-MOD Less LED / Clear Lens
12277167 Bulb/ Green Lens Cover W/H
12364649-1 Red LER/ Red Lens Cover W/H
12364649-1-12 14v. Red LED / Red/ Lens Cover W/H
12364649-2 Bulb/ Blue Green Lens
12364649-3 Red LED/ Red Lens
12364649-4 Amber LED / Amber Lens
12338465 Housing Assy.
DC 9914 Housing Assy.
AC 9920 Clear Lens/ Red LED
ACC 6132 12v. Bulb Amber Lens
ACC 6133 12v. Bulb Red Lens
RCSK-20290 12v. Bulb / Blue Green Lens