Dual Head Lamp

This massive die cast light is designed primarily for use on tracked vehicles as medium and heavy category tanks. Both clear and red lenses as well as blackout marker are included in this lamp assembly. They are available under the following Part Numbers:

Part Number Description
7972325 24V None Secure
MS 53022-1 24V Secure
2600199-1 Corner Mount Starboard
2600199-2 Corner Mount Port-Side
2600255-1 24V W/Brk.
2600255-2 24V W/Brk.
10891601-1 24V Two Clear Lens
10922309 24V Headlight W/O Base
10922309-G 24V Headlight
10941378-C 24V Headlight W Base
10941378 24V
12364521 24V Sp. Harness